WSL 2.0 与 VMware 会有冲突

wpadmin~July 22, 2019 /System Management

WSL 2.0 与 VMware 会有冲突


Will I be able to run WSL 2 and other 3rd party virtualization tools such as VMware, or VirtualBox?

Some 3rd party applications cannot work when Hyper-V is in use, which means they will not be able to run when WSL 2 is enabled. Unfortunately, this does include VMware, and versions of VirtualBox before VirtualBox 6 (VirtualBox 6.0.0 released in December 2018 now supports Hyper-V as a fallback execution core on a Windows host!)

We are investigating ways to help resolve this issue. For example, we expose a set of APIs called Hypervisor Platform that third-party virtualization providers can use to make their software compatible with Hyper-V’s. This lets applications use the Hyper-V architecture for their emulation such as the Google Android Emulator, and VirtualBox 6 and above which are both now compatible with Hyper-V.

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